LIFE is designed to provide an easy, usable system to maintain your personal safety in any given environment. We will look at each part in greater detail and introduce an awareness model to assist you when using LIFE. Certain parts of LIFE require additional input; the whole LIFE picture is outlined below:


Onto each area in more detail:


It is essential that you maintain observation of your environment; this is not paranoia you are just observing which you are able to do in a relaxed state. Your observation and awareness is a deterrent! Criminals are more likely to target unaware targets!


Any person you are not completely happy or comfortable with; take notice of them. Even if the threat is a perceived threat for whatever the reason, take note.

The motivating reasons for someone being a threat will vary from person to person but generally watch out for people being vigilant of you and of the environment, this is identifying the INTENT. If for any reason whatsoever you do not like the look, attitude or demeanour of a person then take action, rather err on the side of caution.

It is vitally important at this stage to maintain control as the body’s natural fight or flight response may kick in. You must concentrate on maintaining your composure and continue observing your environment and the threat.

Whilst assessing your environment you must also identify any potential alternative routes or escape options available to you. An option can be anything from turning around and going back in the direction you came from, to entering a premises where there are other people which can compromise the criminals plan.


When you have identified a person as a threat then you must have a plan of action to be able to maintain pro-activity. There is no point identifying a threat if you do not have a plan on how to avoid, escape from or take action against the threat. Any threat should be identified to other people who may be with you or in your environment and inform any security or police officials if there are any present. Let the threat know you are aware of their presence, your awareness is a countermeasure because those with mal intent generally attack unaware people.

To assist with the formulation of your plan we use DEED as you only have a number of options available to you in any given situation. To remember our options we do the DEED:



You must decide on an action with what options are available. You must act not react to ensure you have the highest chance of maintaining your personal safety.


Try and evade the threat or the area of the threat. Avoidance is always preferable.


Try and escape from the threat or the vicinity of the threat if you cannot evade a threat.


This is the last option available to you and you must have a personal defence weapon ready to use against the threat to ensure your safety.


Execute your plan of action when you want to, not when forced into action by the threat; retain your pro-activeness because as soon as you go reactive you have invariably lost control of the situation. Be proactive keep control. When to execute this plan is dependent on you, the sooner the better to prevent a negative event. You ideally want to execute your plan whilst the threat is as far away as possible this will be discussed in the Awareness section.


In the next section we will look at AWARENESS.