We wish to prevent a home robbery, the reason being that it can become an extremely dangerous situation to your personal safety. Robbers regularly use violence as a control mechanism and are not scared to use lethal force and we wish to AVOID this at all costs.

We need to AVOID home robberies:



At home

The earlier one can detect an intrusion the better, having a method to detect an intrusion and raise an alarm is vital. This can be achieved by having dogs, any form of motion detection alarm or a fence alarm which alerts you to a potential presence.

Arriving home

If robbers cannot get around your physical security then they may well wait for you to arrive or leave home. To prevent this as much as possible be vigilant of loiterers when arriving or departing your home and try minimise plants that can provide hiding places (See Home Safety Plan).


Once an alarm is raised you must always attempt to verify what the cause of the alarm is. This must be attempted from as safe a place as possible minimising the risk to you should the threat be a dangerous one. This vigilance will be noticed by the robbers and in itself can act as a deterrent. Ensure you have a personal defence weapon when you go to verify whether there is a threat or not.


Once a threat has been identified you must assess the options available to you. Can you raise the alarm by pressing a panic button or lock yourself in your house and then call for help or can you use a personal defence weapon. You must choose the option that will buy you the most time and will bring a response to your aid. Personal defence is the last option we want to have to choose but we must be ready to act if necessary.


Once you have assessed your options develop a plan accordingly. Always attempt to secure your safety and get assistance first and do not become confrontational. The more barriers you can put between you and the threat the better. You know your home better than the threat; use this to your advantage. Remember the DEED, in some cases evade may not be an option.


Act don’t react! Put the plan into action sooner rather than later, remember the best options are to secure first and get a response. Response services are a deterrent to robbers as they know an armed response limits the time available for them to commit the robbery.

By following this process, in conjunction with good physical security measures (see the home safety plan), you minimise your risk of home robbery.