Your home safety is very important to maintaining your personal safety as a burglary can become an attack on the person in the house. The main thing with security is that it does not offer any guarantee however it buys you time. The following 4 D’s outline what you are attempting to achieve with security:

Deter – To put off any intruder

Defer – To slow down any intruder

Detect – To pick up any intrusion

Detain – To hold any intruder

Given enough time a criminal can penetrate any security measure. We want to put in as many security measures as possible to maximise the time available to enable an action either by yourself, your family, neighbours or a security company. Any shortfall in your security measures is a vulnerability to you but an opportunity to a criminal, you must always attempt minimise your vulnerabilities.

Traditional security measures may be outside of the budget of a large number of South Africans but there are a few cost effective methods available to you which we will introduce in this section.